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5 Steps to Successfully Plan your Wedding day

Updated: Dec 8, 2021


Yay! Congratulations, you're engaged! (yes you better show off that ring and do everything with that left hand).

Now, here is the daunting part: how in the HELL do I plan the biggest/happiest day of my life.

Well have no fear Spotlight Events is here with five steps to successfully prep to plan your wedding day.

Step 1: Enjoy the moment

Bask in the moment of being engaged to the love of your life!

Go off take some engagement photos or announce your great news or celebrate however. Just enjoy the moment while you have it before the planning begins!

Step 2: Budget, budget, budget!!!

Let’s talk moolah! We can not stress this enough. Please have a discussion with your fiancé about your wedding budget.

Did you know 74% of couples will take on debt to get married because they didn't successfully set a budget at the beginning.

Step 3: Value each others ideas

Communicate about your wants and needs for the big day.

Brides don’t forget to ask your fiancé what they expect on the big day so, you two will be on the same page!

Step 4: Hire a wedding planner/coordinator

Yeah we said it! Hire a professional or at least a coordinator. Studies show that a good planner can save you 5 to 10 percent on your wedding. (Who doesn’t like to save money!)

4 Tips for hiring a professional wedding planner:

  • Organized

  • Trustworthy

  • Good vibes

  • Creditability

If a professional planner is not in your budget at least get an accountability buddy. Someone that can keep you on track for your “wedding to do list”.

Also, think about a day-of wedding coordinator for your big day to assist with the day-of activities.

Step 4: Forget them other's opinions!

We literally have to remind our brides to forget outside opinions! During wedding planning yes it can be stressful but, remember this day is about you and your fiancé.

So that means do what you want to do especially, if you are paying for it. Please don’t go down the path of trying to please others with their idiotic fairy tales for your day.

Again, congratulations on your engagement! While remembering these 5 easy tips will lead to a stress-free wedding planning.

  1. Enjoy the moment

  2. Set a budget

  3. Communicate and value each others ideas

  4. Hire a professional wedding planner

  5. Forget other people negative opinions

If you have any questions or would like a free wedding planning consultation please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Let us know, which tip will help you have a stress-free wedding planning the most?


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